Cynn Adereti

Tell me a bit about yourself? I am a Nigerian born Canadian in my 20’s. I have a passion for house plants, inspired by Covid 19 isolation, sobriety, and a new love

Ashley King

Identity and Neighborhood Black indigenous artist - Taino caribbean/connections to mohawk (non blood relations), artwork is land based- woodwork, use nature as a medium - mushrooms, weave and mend collective which is

Kiah Quirion

Tell me a bit about yourself? My name is Kiah Quirion, I am a 29-year-old woman, living currently in Ajax Ontario. My parents are  an interracial couple or a biracial couple.  My father


Tell me a bit about yourself? My name is Harmmela, I was born in Ethiopia and I came here when I was 7 or 8, I don’t know what my actual age

Jamaias DeCosta

Tell me a bit about yourself? I identify as Jamaican, Afro-Indigenous. My maternal grandmother is Irish, my grandfather is Mohawk Irish cree and french, on my fathers side he is Jamaica/Afro Indigenous.

Kaya Joan

I was born and raised in Tkaronto Dish with one spoon treaty territory, I am afro-Indigenous my mother mom is Kanien’keha from Kahnawake and Irish. My maternal grandfather immigrated here from jamaica.

Isaac Crosby

The Black Ojibwe of Anderdon Nation People always try to guess where I am from, and are always surprised when I tell them. In our bloodline, we connected with Black peoples who escaped